Process in Your Health Trip

We are with you on your health journey with a support team that you can reach 24/7 before and after treatment.

We receive personal information about the patient, medical reports about the disease and the history of your illness (epicrisis).

Our expert friend, who is in coordination with hospitals and doctors in Cuba, will translate the documents from Turkish to English / Spanish and forward them to the Cuban Health Services Institution. The Cuban Health Services Authority is the institution that provides all information and treatment coordination to the patient about the treatment process.

The treatment request is approved or rejected in about a week after the patient’s reports and other documents are properly communicated to the authorities in Cuba. They will notify us of the confirmation of the request, the date of treatment and the cost of the treatment.

A decision is made as to where the treatment will be carried out, in Cuba or with the permission of doctors, the patient will be treated in his own country (provision of medicines).

The health journey is planned together and the process is carried out in a coordinated manner. Our organization includes complete care from the moment of departure, welcoming at Havana Airport, transportation and accommodation, medical treatment and care, including hotel-to-hospital service and return to home.

After the Cuban Health Services Institution examines the patient, it ensures that the patient is continuously entered into the patient electronic database. All information is archived, the patient can receive all reports when requested. In order for the database to be updated, the patient must notify us if there is any change regarding his / her health status.

Cuba is not only one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, but also for the treatment and rehabilitation, the Cuban government and Cuban researchers have attracted attention with their success in biotechnology and immunotherapy in the past 30 years. According to the World Health Organization, Cuban researchers working in biotechnology have made significant advances in developing cancer prevention methods and treatments, transforming cancer from a fatal disease to a chronic disease.

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