Why Cuba

Health Tourism in Cuba

Cuba is a country with a well-developed and widespread health system. This beautiful country of the American continent is a country that attracts attention and appreciation in the field of health, as it has developed unique treatment options. Cuba has proved its quality of education in the field of medicine by sending doctors and medical personnel to many other countries. Cuba offers health services for its people free of charge, so Cubans can access health care easily. Foreign patients can receive treatment on the island through the “Cuban Health Services Institution” within the scope of Health Tourism.

It includes over 150 special, personalized medical programs that Cuban health tourism can offer to foreign patients. Especially in cancer, night blindness, psoriasis, diabetic foot ulcer, vitiligo and ringworm treatments, Cuba is considered as the most successful treatment location in the world. Other services provided by the “Cuban Health Services Agency” include health checks, addiction control, drug cessation programs and academic courses.

Why Cuba's health system?

Why Cuba's Health System

Medicines for diseases without treatment

Doctors are quite competent in Cuba. Drugs such as Heberprot P75, Heberprot P, Vidatox, Melagenina Plus, Cimavax – Egf, Vaxira, CimaHer were discovered with the molecules developed thanks to research and experiments conducted in Cuba. The studies continue to improve day by day.

Why Cuba's Health System

Qualified Hospitals

Very successful and world-renowned healthcare providers (hospital / medical center) in Cuba, work to provide the highest quality care with the latest technology and modern techniques and the competent healthcare team.

Why Cuba's health system

1 doctor for every 150 Cuban citizens

Cuba’s population is approximately 11 million. There is one doctor per 150 Cuban citizens. Cuba is among the best in the field of health.