Why Cubatrawell

Why should I come to CubaTrawell instead of directly contacting the clinic?

Why CubaTrawell

Always with you

We are aware of the difficulties of receiving health care in a foreign culture in another country. For this reason, we accompany them at every stage of their treatment to ensure that our patients feel that they are always “at home” and never alone. We guarantee you a safe and stress-free medical trip with Cubatrawell.

Why CubaTrawell

Based in London

Cubatrawell.com is a global digital and interactive world based in London. It is a brand of the company founded in the UK in August 2017 to carry out health tourism activities under the name of Global Tourism Limited.

Why CubaTrawell

Corporate structure

Under the umbrella of Global Tourism Limited

7 different modern health tourism brands are at your service with its expert team. Cubatrawell.com supports platform users who are on a health journey especially in Cuba.

Did you know these?

There are 6.5 doctors per 1000 patients in Cuba. This rate is 3.4 in France – 2.7 in the UK and 3.7 in Germany.
Many foreign medical students from all over the world, including Europe, come to Cuba to get the best medical education.
Football legend Diego Armando Maradona was treated in Cuba.
“My second father, Fidel’s country, I was treated in dear Cuba. I feel like Cuban. Cuban doctors are the best in the world.”
Diego Armando Maradona

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